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Noah Centineo


May 9, 1996



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Noah Centineo (born May 9, 1996) is an American actor. He had a recurring role in Disney Channel's Austin and Ally, and plays Jaden Stark in How to Build a Better Boy. He will play Ben in the upcoming Disney Channel series, Growing Up and Down.


Centineo started acting in 2009 and has been acting ever since. His most famous works are on the Disney Channel's shows Austin & Ally and recently Shake It Up. Noah is also involved on an internet project called #TheAssignment, which consists on several one-shoted short films. Noah is constantly featured on several commercials in the United States. He will be in the Disney Channel Original Movie, How to Be a Better Boy, and in the Disney Channel plilot, Growing Up and Down.


Year Film/Series Role Other notes
2009 The Golden Retriever Josh
2011 Turkles David
2011-2012 Austin & Ally Dallas Recurring Role
2012 Wordplay Carter
2013 Shake it Up! Monroe "Episode": Psych It Up
2014 How to Build a Better Boy Jaden Stark Supporting Role
2015 Growing Up and Down Ben Main Role


  • He and Raini Rodriquez have both been on Austin & Ally.
  • He said if he could guest star on any show it would be the Big Bang Theory.
  • He will be in the Disney Channel Movie, How to Build a Better Boy.
  • He guest starred on Shake It Up, a show Adam was a main character on.
  • In an interview, he said out of all of the Austin and Ally cast, he and Raini clicked the most.
  • He has been on both Raini and Adam's shows.

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